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Rex Maggs
British columbia
"I was swimming in debt when my car broke down. If I couldn’t get to work I would have to claim bankruptcy. Car Loans Club helped me get a car loan. They were a lifesaver. "
Trisin Mcgee
"I was recently divorced and my ex had left my credit in a mess. Car loans Club put me in touch with a professional who got me approved! ”
"Not only did Car Loans Club get me a low interest rate, they had dealers fighting for my business which saved me thousands on my new Montana. "
"I just got approved about a week ago and will be picking up my brand new 2013 GMC SIERRA this friday yay super excited"
Rebecca Hill
"I thought all hope was lost, but with Car Loans Club I caught a break and was able to breathe again."
Russel Sprouts
"My credit looks better than ever thanks to Car Loans Club, it just keeps getting better"
Nick Long
"Expecting an unexpected surprise really made me move quickly and Car Loans Club made it possible"

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