Oregon teens sells $1 million in custom socks

Seventeen-year-old Oregon resident Brennan Agranoff is the founder and CEO of HoopSwagg, and he has already sold $1 million in custom socks.

The sad saga of North Korea's ATMs

Pyongyang's airport has two ATMs but neither work, adding to the trouble history of the banking device in the country. ATMs are an alien enough concept in North Korea that those in the capital's new airport have a video screen near the top showing how they work.

Real estate reality check: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

Miss something this week? Here's the consumer news you need to know.

Birthing April the Giraffe becomes cash cow for tiny U.S. zoo

April the giraffe has become a cash cow for a tiny zoo in rural upstate New York, thanks to a livestream of her pregnancy and birth that has enthralled viewers around the world.

Despite special regulations, edible entrepreneurs hope to take bite of Canada's marijuana market

Evidence from other legal jurisdictions suggests marijuana-infused foods could be hugely popular once Canada legalizes marijuana, but the federal government says it needs extra time to develop special regulations for edibles before they can be legally sold.

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